pencil me in: part two

2 Jan

hello all, and happy 2013!

Thought I’d do a quick little post about my 2013 erin condren planner since i just got it in the mail, and im just so thrilled. Nothing better than starting the new year right with a brand spankin new planner.  I did it a little different this year with pictures instead of just using a background like my last one. love love love it. I also recommend getting their weekly deskpad if you are a super crazy about laying out your week like us.





Sin, part 1: why is there so much crap in the world?

30 Dec

Sin. The word we do not speak of. Which is actually the reason this world is in the state its in. Sad thing is, a majority of people who call themselves “born-again Christians” are living their every day life as if they are actually atheists. Think about that statement for a second…  Atheists believe in nothing bigger than themselves, so they obviously must have no fear because they have no authority figure. As Christians, we know God is much, MUCH bigger than ourselves, so why are we living a hunky-dory life filled with sin, having no concern of the future judgment we ‘believe’ in? Sin. Let’s speak of it.


1.) FREE-WILLScreen Shot 2012-12-30 at 2.51.00 PM

  • Everyone has heard of ‘free will’. The idea is that from the very beginning, God intended for this world to be filled with nothing but His glory, meaning His creations all living for Him, everything the way He planned it, and all within His perfect Will. This meant NO sin, ever. No shootings, no evil. No pain, physical nor emotional. No death. Everything complete in perfection. Earth was meant to be the only heaven we would ever need. A place we could cuddle with lions and never have to count a calorie. Wouldn’t that have been grand! Well, back to the idea of free will. Because God created us in His image (Genesis 1:27),  He gave us freedom. The same way we have the choice today to indulge in personal sin or to not. So yes, God knew beforehand that Adam and Eve would sin. He knows all, before we even make the decision to sin. But He did give us free-will to choose. It’s up to US to live our life according to Him and when we sin, we are so blessed with this thing called conviction that allows us to choose ‘rebounding’. We are to confess that sin to Him (not priests- if you have questions about this, please contact us) and we are then back in His Presence and are to learn from that and move on. His forgiveness for us is based on nothing but MERCY! Gosh, lucky us.



  • Imagine being placed in front of a brand new, GORGEOUS, cotton white two-story home with a perfectly dreamy wrap-around porch (rocking chairs, blue shutters and all), flawlessly plopped on 10 acres. We can get even more creative here… Walk around back and there awaiting you is a cascading rock waterfall pool, a twisting slide coming from the fascinating treehouse above your head, a humongo already hot Jacuzzi tub, surrounding outdoor television screens, a trampoline, and my personal favorite, the 100-year old oak, dropping a shiny new tire swing. Continue on with the tour and there’s a brand new hot rod sitting in the huge garage, a fully stocked pantry in the cozy custom made kitchen, and (remember this is my dream) a FULLY-STOCKED, well-lit, organized craft room. I’m talking PERFECT! So then you’re told its yours! No bills… no mortgage… just live in this dream home with the love of your life, no need to work because its already paid for; just start discovering your hobbies and favorite past times and get to living! Uhhh… okay…? Sooo, what’s the catch? But, there is none. There is one small rule though, but trust me, this one rule is not going to even slightly hinder your happiness here. There’s one itsy bitsy closet in the attic you are not allowed in. Don’t worry though, there is nothing in there for you anyway, plus.. look at everything you’ve been given, for FREE, no strings attached! Who needs the measly little closet anyway? We probably cannot even imagine this perfection because it seems so far from reality.


Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 2.36.16 PM3.) INSTEAD, THEY CHOSE PRIDE

  • Well, that was exactly what Adam and Eve were given and believe it or not, were STILL unsatisfied. When God placed the two of them in the Garden of Eden, they were told they could not eat the fruit from ONE tree, among the thousands, maybe even millions, they could choose from. When the nasty serpent slithered his way in, he finally had the opportunity he had been long awaiting for quite some time. He was now ready to move in on them, beginning his attack on God that he is still running rampant with today. He was ready to start deceiving mankind, and he knew exactly what to lure them in with. By eating the fruit from that one tree that God told them not to, Satan told them they could become equal to God. Here came to be the newly discovered emotion that is the pit of our world’s evil: pride. With that one decision, the only restriction imposed upon them at their creation, they chose sin. It didn’t matter WHY they were given this rule. It just mattered that they were. In that moment, they chose their fate, and because of that, everything had to be changed.


Genesis 3:16-19:

Then God said to the woman,

“I will sharpen the pain of your pregnancy, and in pain you will give birth.

And you will desire to control your husband, but he will rule over you.”

And to the man He said,

“Since you listened to your wife and ate from the tree whose fruit I commanded you not to eat, the ground is cursed because of you.

All your life you will struggle to scratch a living from it.

It will grow thorns and thistles for you, though you will eat of its grains.

By the sweat of your brow will you have food to eat until you return to the ground from which you were made.

For you were made from dust, and to dust you will return.”


Sooo… thanks a lot Eve. I mean Adam, too, but after all… if I have a baby, it will be my rage towards Eve regarding Genesis 3:16 I’ll be screaming about during those pains.


So there we have it, the introduction of sin that is cause to the state of the world we live in today. The next few parts of this ‘sin’ section will further explain these questions many are probably stumped about:


  • If God is all-powerful, couldn’t He have made a way to void all of this and give us a do over?
  • Why am I still being punished for Adam and Eve’s sin?
  • So, what now? Is there any sort of way around this; hope despite being able to live a sinless life? Forgiveness?


Until the next post,


goodbye 2012, and hello 2013

28 Dec

As the new year is approaching, here is my top twelve favorites of 2012.

12.  Kate Somerville 360 self-tanning pads for the face

Very natural, subtle color for those who have sensitive skin but still want that extra glow during these winter months. This little pad has a slip for your fingers so when you are applying it you don’t have to worry about getting the tanner on your hands. I use my moisturizer and then apply this, wait a bit and put my makeup on. You can also use it at night too!

Kate Somerville


I could kiss whoever made this fabulous little mud in a jar. the AMAZING face mask that works wonders. Helps heal and clear up your skin, leaving your skin glowing. LOVE.


10.  Red By Taylor Swift

If you know us, then you know that we love Taylor and we haven’t stopped jamming this since it was released.


9.  Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

Many colors that will leave your lips feel amazing. And for those who get super chapped lipped during these winter months, the intense treatment sugar is also perfection in a tube.


8. Anastasia Brow Duo Powder and Brow Wiz

I’ve tried probably every single brow powder or pencil out there and this seems to be the best. I was told by a woman who works for Anastasia to always go lighter than you think you should. I have dark brown hair and use the medium ash color. I also mix the two when applying. I was using brunette because its more my hair color, but turns out not even Oprah uses that dark of a color! So lesson learned, always go lighter!


7. Illamasque Nail Varnish

you will be quite amazed at how long this little polish stays on your nails. they have a good selection of colors, and the brush makes it super easy and mess free!


6. Pure Beech Jersey Sheets

We both are obsessed. This is a favorite every year. Couldn’t live without them. Nothing feels better!


5. The Harbinger 

Fantastic book. (Post of full book review coming soon!)


4. Erin Condren Life-Planner

It’s that time again! Time to order new planners! See previous post “Pencil Me In”


3. Vampire Diaries

I guess I have been living under a rock because I had never watched this show until recently. Its quite addicting, so if you don’t have any down time then don’t start it. Everything you have to do will not get done until you finish all the episodes. It’s that good. Christine is still missing out.


2. Baby Walker

The newest addition to my family has been a big highlight of 2012. I mean he was just too cute not to be.


1. And of course my absolute favorite of 2012 as always is BFF time in the GREAT city of Nashville


Wanna give these products a go? Click the pictures to be brought to the site where you can purchase them. Except for baby walker, im not sharing that one 🙂



Part 3: Who is God, anyway?

28 Dec


I believe there are probably lots of people that have a very specific picture in their minds when they think of “God”.

For some, maybe that picture is of an intimidating old man, looking a lot like King Triton. For the clueless out there, that’s Ariel’s dad. Yes, like the Little Mermaid. Ariel. Sure, they see, A big strong man. But, Perhaps more than that, they see the scary beard, the power and authority in the crown that is bound to produce arrogance. but mostly, they see the scary, pointy, weapon he’s always holding. I mean…That trident is pretty scary. What’s the purpose of that thing anyway? Just to be all high and mighty and threatening? Sadly, that is exactly the vision of God they have stored in their mind. (well– Minus those insane abs).

king triton

Okay, so maybe that’s just the vision I used to have of Him.

So maybe you still see an old guy, but in a totally different way. Maybe what you envision is the elderly man buried underneath a heavy, white flowing toga. Maybe you visualize that same old white-bearded man perched high atop an elaborate golden throne with chubby, naked cherubs bouncing around His head feeding Him grapes and massaging His feet to the sound of glorious notes floating out of a giant harp. It is possible it may go even further for you! Maybe you picture this scene I’ve described, but He’s got a giant Mac-Book sitting in His lap. (Whether or not heaven has Mac-Books- still in question.) So the computer game, The Sims is open on His screen. We are the Sims and there He sits, toying with those measly little hearts of ours, allll at His disposal. There He sits, controlling our situations, and often times, curls over with all his angel friends, roaring in laughter at the situations he puts us in just waiting to see just how we are gonna get ourselves out of this one!

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 12.51.31 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 1.07.44 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 12.54.31 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 1.12.58 PM

Us. His tributes in His custom made Hunger Games, in the arena called earth. all for His own sick form of entertainment. If any of these are some sort of way your mind has come to see God, listen verrrryyy carefully, now. . .



Here’s the thing: To grasp the concept of God and who He is, along with all of His majesty, mysteriousness, omnipresence, etc. etc., is not a slice of pie for most people. And when I say most people, I mean basically everyone. As a matter of fact, our human brain was not even made with the capability of understanding even close, the fullness of God’s wonder. I believe this was pretty dang smart on His part, because truthfully, if we could understand that in its completeness, we couldn’t function. We would all just be falling flat on our faces in awe everywhere we went.

  • So Creation happened; we were made in His image. We will talk later about what exactly that means.
  • Adam and Eve and the doggone enemy enter the picture. Ruin things. We’ll talk more about those jerks later. But because of their mess-up, sin appears. From then on out, humans can no longer live out the perfect, overly-abounding-in-joy-life that God originally intended for us. This will be clarified later, too. – questions you’re probably thinking like… “if God is God, why didn’t He just reverse things or give us a clean slate?” There is an answer, promise.
  • Low and behold… enter the Hero. The Cross. The sacrifice given by our forgiving and merciful God gives us who believe, surrender, and commit, a happy ending. The HAPPIEST of endings.

Screen Shot 2012-12-28 at 1.51.41 PMI will let you in on a little ‘secret that is actually not a secret at all: once we begin to seek a relationship with Him more and more, our eyes begin to shed the scales that the world has caked over them. When you allow that to start happening, although His LOVE for you is something of great magnitude and depth, you are going to begin grasping its realness without effort. So now, while the whole ‘God thing’ may be a foreign language to you, as you go deeper and deeper, it all will start making much more sense.

And I will tell you from experience: Once that starts to happen, you just can’t get enough.

“Sims” images from:

Still Not Convinced God=Love? Part 1//An Introduction to Suffering

24 Dec

Still not convinced God=Love?

Part One- An Intro to Suffering

As I sought out the answer to this question that I knew so many struggle with everyday, I prepared myself for a difficult journey, willing and ready to put lots of work into it, because I knew with very little doubt that this was going to be a toughie. I have learned so much through this study, the most of which being that the answers are everywhere. Literally! I sorta began to feel overwhelmed because I had so much material to choose from. God tells us that if we begin the search for Him, we will certainly find the answers we want and desperately need.

Screen Shot 2012-11-18 at 2.07.32 PM

I hope you just so happen to be knocking, because God is going to blow minds when He answers the door.

God used SO many people in the Bible, beginning to end, to explain suffering. What suffering is; all the ways it can vary; why it happens. In the Bible we find many, MANY real-life examples, each with its own unique situation and story, but more importantly, each holds a lesson that we can take and apply to our own suffering. Possibly the hardest to grasp: how do we handle the suffering when it comes? And probably the most comforting of all, (at least for me): God. Acknowledges. That. Suffering. HURTS. What? I know. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.

Please don’t miss this huge truth!! There were times where Jesus Himself WEPT. Yes, cried like a small child, in His Holy flawlessness. “So you say this Jesus dude could perform miracles, died and came back to life, and was the God of the Universe in the flesh, saw a friend die and actually cried?” YES. I am. For the Bibleee tells me soooo. But really ponder that for a moment. I’m being serious. Take at least 3 minutes, close your eyes, and imagine a full grown man that has never sinned in His life, (by the way, this means the human man never even THOUGHT a lustful thought) and is soon going to endure the most excruciating, prolonged execution for people that hate Him, and here He is, hurting and possibly feeling very alone, crying like a baby. Hm. And some think real men don’t cry.

Let me get real with you for a sec. This time on earth is not meant to be the happy side of life. Maybe you’ve been keeping a trapdoor over your heart, and the key, hanging from its untouched resting hook has begun to rust. Think about what it could mean if you begin cleaning off the corrosion and opened yourself up to yes, new and very vulnerable circumstances, but even more, what overshadows that vulnerability: freedom. Can you just imagine what the “good side” of ‘life’ holds for you if you give yourself to Him?? You may not, so we will talk about that later. That’s when it gets really good. As for now, we will first continue trying to make sense of the confusing, messy, not-so-good stuff.

We know (some of us all too familiar with it than others) that with life, there come times of sadness. Long or short, ‘mild’ or extreme. But just like there is a time to dance and sing, there is also a time to mourn, be filled with sadness, disappointment, and even anger. (The book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament of the Bible goes into beautiful, really exciting detail about this; some of y’all may be picturing the best, most awesome speech EVER, given by good ol’ Ren MacCormack in the Bomont courtroom fighting for the freedom to dance mightily!) But what Solomon is telling us in Ecclesiastes 3 is that just like the times of dancing and celebration, the complicated, distressing times come with life and are sadly, unavoidable. He is also showing us that to have the emotions that naturally come with those times are okay, and are just things that come with this side of life. Another way we know this because of yes, times that Jesus wept.

Still not sure?

Okay, so say you are not exactly at the point of really understanding all of this quite yet. Your question (or one of many) may begin with the most commonly asked question of them all. If there is a so-called God out there that is supposedly filled and made of nothing but “love” for us, why the heck does our world look the way it does?

-Why do countries burn in hate for other countries, thus pushing them to do disastrous things like send planes into buildings of hardworking, good people just going about their day? Maybe one, having just received that anticipated promotion on the 79th floor?


-Why does a precious, innocent ballerina get killed by a drunk driver before she lives to perform her first recital?


-Speaking of drunk drivers, why do we have them?


-Why do vast hurricanes, wild fires, tsunamis, and tornado breakouts kill, injure, and displace millions of innocent people?


-How are there people that a “LOVING GOD” allegedly created that can walk into a completely random place and take target practice at innocent children, families, servicemen, and do so with not only a complete lack of conviction or hesitation, but seemingly get a sick satisfaction out of the blood on his hands?


FIRST, we must address who God is. What do you see Him as? You can’t fully understand sin, suffering, or healing until you know the truth of who He is. That is where we are going to light the torch in beginning this journey in answering the question “still not convinced God is love?” The next post will be the first chapter as this question begins to transform into the answers God is incredibly stoked to bring to life before our eyes. 

Praying everyone has a wonderful CHRISTmas!!

Combat Crazy

22 Dec

We hope you’re all following along with our God=Love posts! Part 1 will be posted very soon so keep your peepers peeled 🙂

So I’m sure most of you have caught on to the new trend taking over feet and shoe stores everywhere. Honestly, my routine window shopping fun is getting kind of boring because these dang kicks are SO popular, I couldn’t escape them even if I wanted to! (which, for the record, I wouldn’t). Combat boots are being sold in all different styles, colors, ‘level-of-grunge’, and if you’re gutsy enough (you SO are) can really be made to wear with anything.

I’ve had my bad boys for two years now and am just now deciding to really have some fun with them. The great thing is, you can totally build an OUTFIT around the BOOTS. And because I’m such a shoe girl, this is makes me happy happy happy. 🙂 Here’s a bit of outfit inspiration so you can all start rocking the bold statement piece, too!

Oh- and don’t feel like you have to follow any sort of rules… A-ten-HUT!

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 12.33.01 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 2.14.33 PM

Combat DD 3Combat DD 4Combat DD 2 Combat DD 1

The boots in all of my pictures are Steve Madden ‘Troopa’ in Cognac LE for $99.95

How cute are the little American Rag Patriott’s?! So if you didn’t realize before how much fun you could have these little guys, now you do. Fold ’em, layer ’em.. whatever that little heart of yours desires. Now go get crazy!

Hope everyone is enjoying the CHRISTmas break and celebrating ‘The Perfect Gift’ with your loved ones!

xxoo, c

The Perfect Gift

21 Dec

We’re so stoked about this little piece!! My wonderful, pint-size, godly-example-of-a-biblically-beautiful-woman Mama was blessed to have had the opportunity of leading some lovely women in a Bible study this past semester. It recently came to a close but she wanted to leave them with something a little different, going into the time of chaos that tends to accompany the end of every year (year… not world 😀 ).

So God brought her on a crazy ride through His Word, gave her an insight to Christmas most of us may have never experienced before, and readied her to share it. I challenge y’all to allow this new perspective change the way you and yours go into the next few days and hopefully the many, many more to come. We are so excited to have our first real Guest Blogger(!!), so without further a-due (I’ve always wanted to say that) here is my beautiful mother, Jeanine Thibodeaux!


“The Perfect Gift”

As I ponder on the thought of “gift-giving” and “gift-receiving” and how tremendously consuming it is for us this time of year, I’ve concluded it to be the main source of stress for so many of us.  We run around from store to store like little elves on speed, attempting to find the perfect gift for each person on our list (yes, even including the naughty list). Alongside of little Billy, Sally and Uncle Bob’s names are all of their sizes, favorite colors, sports team, likes, dislikes, etc.  Then, the highlight of our shopping extravaganza arrives when we finally find that “perfect gift” for that hard-to-buy-for person (we all have them)!  The only problem is the price tag. It is more than we’ve budgeted to spend on this person.  After a brief moment of contemplation, the decision is made.  Since we’ve alreadyblown our budget in other areas and can’t seem to allow this “perfect gift” opportunity to slip by, we decide to make the purchase by whipping out the plastic card that’s already hot!

December 25th arrives.  Aaaahhhh… The joy we experience in seeing our family members rip open the pretty packages they’ve been eyeing under the tree.  Our anticipations are heightened as we observe the first expression on the faces of our loved ones, as they open the gift that we have put forth so much time, thought, effort and are now in debt for. Then the New Year arrives…  Many of theChristmas gifts that have been received and given have either been returned, broken, misplaced, ‘re-gifted’ or put away.  The joy is gone and credit card bills have come.

Does this sound all too familiar to you?  It certainly does to me!

From the very beginning, our Father had each and every one of us on His mind as He began to plan for our “Perfect Gift”.  Throughout scripture, beginning in Genesis 3:15, we can read of every carefully thought-out detail of the Master Giver’s plan to deliver His Gift to us.  John 3:15 describes this gift well! 

 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

James 1:17 (NIV)

The four gospels give an account of the deliverance of our Gift…  As preparations were in progress for the Gift offering, our Father held firmly in His hand one list of names:  a naughty list.  Many people had heard of this gift to come and even made efforts to get on His nice list.  Unfortunately, most of them became impatient in their waiting.  As a result, they abandoned the hope and faith they once held dear and resumed with their old lives of self-will and self-gratification.  In fact, it was on a cold, dark (except for an ever-so-bright star in the sky) night that many were self-indulging in the town festivities when the long-anticipated Gift arrived. This most precious Gift was ushered in by an array of heavenly lights and a singing telegram performed by the grandest of choirs. Sadly, the darkness was so thick and the noises so loud in the little town of Bethlehem, this event that would forever change the world remained unnoticed. 

For thousands of years, God placed much time, effort and thought into this Perfect Gift. He paid a very high price, yet the Gift is priceless.  In fact, it cost the Giver His most prized possession.  Whether or not there was ever much contemplating involved, I don’t know.  Nevertheless, because of His great love for the recipients, He went forth with His decision. He anticipated with great joy, the expressions on His beloved children’s faces when they finally opened this long-awaited priceless Gift.  Unfortunately, at the time of deliverance, many turned the Gift away because they had no room.  Many refused the Gift because the package wasn’t pretty enough.  Many were too self-absorbed in their own busy activities that they ignored the Gift altogether.  There were a few however, that realized the great value of this Gift.  Mary was one who realized that a Gift so precious and valuable had to be shared.  She selflessly and carefully wrapped this beautiful Gift (in swaddling clothes) and realized the greatest joy would be for her to share Him with the world!

Two thousand years ago, God presented to the world the most perfect, precious Gift.  The Gift made its way from the cradle to the cross with very few even noticing.  This Gift is so perfect because it is unique (no other like it). It serves multiple purposes. You can take it anywhere. There is no work or upkeep in maintaining this everlasting Gift.  You can even share it with as many people as you wish and still have plenty left for yourself.  And, best of all, you can have it even if you’re on the naughty list!  All you have to do is open the package. You don’t even have to wait until Christmas morning!  In fact, I urge you NOT to wait until Christmas morning because it may no longer be available by then. 

The greatest gift we’ll ever receive is the gift of eternal salvation through God’s Son, Jesus Christ. He was sent for all of us… from the lowest of Shepherds to the highest of Kings…


*  Do you have room in your heart to let Him in or is it too cluttered with sin and worldly possessions?

*  Has the package been put up for years, still unopened, collecting dust?  Perhaps you’ve put it away thinking, that since it was likely something of no use to you at the time, it might serve a better purpose to be used for a “rainy day”?

*  Were you offered the package, but for some reason gave it back?

*   If the package were put under your tree this year, would you open it and receive it with great joy?  And, would you share it?

*  What would YOU give in return to the greatest Giver whom has given you the greatest Gift of all? He doesn’t need anything. After all, He does own the universe and everything in it! He is not interested in temporal works. But, we will have an opportunity one day, to present Him with gifts.  So, what DOES our gracious Heavenly Father want?  You’ve asked everyone else on your list this Christmas.  Why don’t you ask Him!


Merry CHRISTmas, everyone!



Still Not Convinced God=Love?

20 Dec

Hi, hi, hi, HIII!!!

So, we know its been about 3827 days since our last post, but we are finally able to get back into this thing (which we’ve missed like crazy!) So going ahead and jumping right into it, I am so incredibly excited to say that this is something I’ve actually been putting together since July and am just now (an entire half year later- whew time flies!) feeling like its time to share it with you all. I pray that you will all join me in this little journey. Here she goes!

Day One: Prologue-ish

I hope many were able to read the last post that we came across and re-blogged from ‘A Miniature Clay Pot’ back in July. It is a family’s retelling of their personal experience during the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre gun massacre that I’m sure we all still have fresh in our memory. We have nothing but admiration, respect, and compassion for Marie and her family for what they went through that night in theatre 9. I praise God for how He used her through this tragedy, and I love the words He spoke through her in answering the question so many have: “how do you still think ‘God’ is a ‘merciful’ God?” or in other words, “why would a loving God let such bad things happen?” Through wisdom and the Holy Spirit, God used Marie as His instrument in explaining what The Bible tells us regarding difficult, confusing times like these. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please go read Marie’s experience here .)

Aurora Shooting Headline

I did have something extremely heavy on my heart after reading Marie’s words, however. In no way am I attempting to discredit, criticize, or discount the experience Marie and her daughters had that night in Aurora and the evil they were faced with. Just like she said in her post, God is ultimately sovereign and has plans laid out as to how He is going to use each and every one of His children in situations.

It was not in His plans to take Marie and her two precious daughters that day for reasons no one will know until we are able to ask God face-to-face. In the ‘Miniature Clay Pot’ post, the youngest of Marie’s daughters shares Proverbs 3:25-26 in relation to the comfort and closeness she now feels to God after being in the midst of the danger during the shooting: “Have no fear of sudden disaster or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked, for the Lord will be at your side and will keep your foot from being snared.”

The comfort of these words is great, I have to imagine, for those that live to speak of what they witnessed in Theatre 9.

So, what about those who received phone calls early that morning to hear that their loved ones didn’t have exactly the same outcome?

I think they might read Proverbs 3:25-26 and be pretty bitter; filled with angry questions. Possibly some even begin to experience overwhelming feelings of doubt in a God at all, because of this seemingly contradictory statement to Him supposedly being ‘loving’. This is what I want to get to the bottom of. Yes, God uses all kinds of people, in different scenarios, all to carry out His Will; so much bigger than our understanding. So while Marie shared great Biblical truths and God’s promises in regards to her family’s experience, I hope I can take it a step further, answering the questions many may have regarding those who were not able to walk out of the theatre safely that night.

I pray God fills me with wisdom right in this very moment and the many more to come as I begin this journey to find the answers to some questions that millions struggle with every single day. If you are reading this, I am praying for you, even if you don’t know what that means yet. I pray you find answers you are searching for, in complete clarity, or maybe the answers someone you love should hear. For whatever reason, God has laid this on my heart, I’m gonna go with it, and will continue to pray He will receive all the Glory. Please join me in this trip, and follow us with the series of posts I am about to begin in answering the question that goes a bit further than Marie’s. Still not convinced we have a God of love? Stay tuned and we will see through real, relevant answers, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

***I’m sure many of you may be thinking this post has got to be out of date in the midst of the recent headlines. Since I’ve written this, our country has very recently witnessed yet another horrific, heartbreaking, confusing tragedy. The sickening murder of 20 harmless little lives and six adults, (many who sacrificed their lives for others), is something that I cannot wrap my head around, much less explain. As I sit here and type, my heart is so heavy about these precious lives lost, and I ask you stop and pray with me for these families that endured the loss of a loved one.

Now, with even more perseverance and determination, I am seeking even more answers for myself and for you about the world we live in that is so full of evil. God has already been BLOWING my mind with the things He has shown me through this study, and I know He’s not finished yet. Again, we have such a loving God that is so passionately longing for our eyes and hearts to turn towards Him, especially in the midst of such confusion. One thing I know for sure, God has the answers and has patiently been waiting on us. Please join us in this, with the posts that will follow, and ALWAYS feel free to contact us if there’s something that is unclear to you (it may be unclear to everyone else, too), anything you disagree with (don’t be shy), or have any questions at all (no judgement whatsoever, promise!).

We are so excited about this. As I pray all of you will begin to see, when we are on God’s side, He will fight for us. “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14. In this midst of so much evil that comes from living in a world that belongs to Satan, we DO have hope, we just have to choose it. “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is going to be revealed to us.” -Romans 8:18

My prayer is and will continue to be the same that Paul prayed over his letter to the people of Ephesus years and years ago:

“I ask—ask the God of our Master, Jesus Christ, the God of glory—to make you intelligent and discerning in knowing Him personally, your eyes focused and clear, so that you can see exactly what it is He is calling you to do, grasp the immensity of this glorious way of life He has for His followers, oh, the utter extravagance of his work in us who trust him—endless energy, boundless strength!” -Ephesians 1:17-19


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     note– we chose to cover the name and face of the murderer for sake of limiting any sort of fame he would obtain from his senseless acts.

20 Jul

I came across these wise words by a woman who laid over her daughter only feet away from the theatre 9 shooting this morning. Her direct response to the tragedy she witnessed answers the question so many wonder at times like these: “So you still think God is a merciful God?” And quite beautifully so. We do indeed have a loving, merciful, sovereign, mighty God. Praying for your family, Marie, & the families of all those affected.

A Tenacious Joy

July 22 – a note of explanation

I’ve tried to leave this post just as it was originally written because it was a heartfelt response after a very traumatic experience.  But I’m sometimes clumsy with words and even when I think I am writing clearly, there is always the reader who doesn’t know my heart or doesn’t hear the words the way they were intended.

I feel as though a few people have taken what I said and twisted it. When I wrote my post on Friday, I had a grand total of eleven blog  followers. Yes, eleven. I generally post on facebook and have had a loyal little group of readers that numbered thirty or so. That is who I generally write for.  People who know me  know that I dislike talking on the telephone. I’d pretty much rather clean a toilet than spend time on the phone. I…

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toast to 20!

17 Jul

So I was given the privilege of creating a lovely tea party soirée for one lovely birthday girl, (who happens to bless many with her precious blog, Brown Eyed Girl– go read!). So many endless thank-you’s to her and her loving Mamabear, Kim, for allowing me to be a part of her fabulous celebration. And by that, what they were really giving me was a reason to dismantle my house, transferring its entire contents into the backyard, have an absolute blast putting Floral Design degree to work, spend hours shopping for anything and everything feathered, sparkly, floral, and pink, and basically unleash my ever-present-little girl dream fantasies to create a “big girl” playhouse. Pretty dreamy, eh?

For one of my first solo events, I hope I did her proud 🙂 I just really adore teacups, porch swings, and anything glass. I’m sure the pictures will speak for themselves on that note. Enjoy!

And as if the entire party and company in itself wasn’t reward enough, this little nugget of a blessing made it even more of a perfect day. God is so, SO good. Praise Him for great friends and fun jobs 🙂

There are more pictures from the par-tea (heh heh, did ya catch that?) that I plan to share soon! Thanks to Kels for many of the above pictures, and again, for thinking enough of me (TRUSTING, is what I really mean) for her special day. I pray there are so many, many more to come. Perhaaappsss those be particularly in peony season?? Gotta love being a girl! For real though. It must be stupid boring being a boy.

Until next time- xxoo,


(^those closest to me will most likely appreciate that!)

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